Dead Malls into centers for youth development

Collaborate for Youth! There are Dead Malls across the country. In our small state, right in the center, perfectly accessible is a giant Dead Mall. Currently a few large chains stores have attached themselves to the outside but do not provide access into empty the mall. I've heard some investor has bought it and plans on bringing in more retail chains. INSTEAD, these massive retail corporations should vacate the mall as a retail location and together with State Agencies, Colleges, Universities, LEA’s, Foundations, etc. fund and collaborate with community & non-profits to create a 24 hour Youth Mall. This would be accessible by public transportation. The Youth Mall would include health/mental center, recreation center, spiritual center, non-violent center, community garden, theatre, music, arts, provide credit recovery, aquatic center, youth government center/youth court, ropes courses, rock climbing, skate boarding, community kitchen....for youth of all abilities.



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