Social Security

Awareness of the "Section 301" exception

Many SSA employees, teachers, parents, guardians, and recipients do not know that Social Security benefits may continue despite medical improvement when one is participating in a vocational rehabilitation program (VR) or American Indian 121 project. This is the "Section 301" exception. At an age 18 redetermination, students may lose SSI benefits even though they are participating in an IEP or IPE and making progress that will likely keep them off benefits in the future.


The continued funding allows an individual to complete high school, college, or vocational technical schooling under an Individual Plan for Employment (IPE) through VR or a121 program.


Other appropriate programs are an individual work plan with an employment network under the Ticket to Work Program, Plan to Achieve Self Support (PASS) under SSA, or vocational services from Veterans Affairs or one-stop delivery systems under the Workforce investment Act.



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