Remove the Government Doughnut Hole

It seems that the government encourages and subsidizes helplessness and unemployment for disabled folks by removing all assistance if the individual enjoys any career success. The government would send me SSI benefits and a Medicaid card tomorrow if I only asked because I have muscular dystrophy. If, however, I want to use my graduate degree to work as much as possible (and I do), everything becomes trickier. That's why I say that the government provides only two levels of assistance: all or nothing! There's either no support or there's complete government funding of every service I need...as long as I want to barely scrape by on the taxpayers' dime. It's almost impossible to earn money on my own without being disqualified from most services.


There's a "doughnut hole" in government assistance programs for people need limited disability services but do earn money on their own. People like me fall through the cracks because we pursue careers. There should never be a penalty for a disabled individual who enjoys decent employment income but either can't obtain health insurance (due to part-time work or self-employment) or who still requires some additional help to live independently. Let's always promote self-reliance while ensuring that nobody loses access to services or funding while attempting to ease the government's burden!



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