Mother as a Teacher

My Mother, My Hero

By: Sir Ernel S. Merano, MAED


A woman who nourishes me

Who teaches all I’m probing to see

Guides me in all the way

So I’m grateful all the day.


You’re a kind of living hero

Who saves and directs me what to do

All the chances that I know

These are all offer for you.


The reasons why you let me see

You show the way you care and protect me

This world that full of misery

You are here to encourage what I must to be.


You’re a priceless present He gave to me

You’re a super woman who holds my key

Even the rains that tried to hamper

Vanish by your loving and tender care.


I know if why you heal my blue

My hero oh I love you so

This happiness now I bear

Thanks Mom for being here.



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