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Train Caregivers and PA's about Assistive Tech Apps

Software abandonment is a huge issue because caregivers are not trained to use the apps/software.

Assistive technology can become the prompter and reminder for so many life functions, but if the caregivers don't understand how to work with them, then technology abandonment is inevitable.


In Oregon, I see a high turnover of caregivers. I also see that they're on the bottom of the payscale with few incentives to better their skills. If we have funding set aside to pay the caregivers to increase their skill set by becoming familiar with the technology and software apps (just like we ask clerical positions to be familiar with Word and Excel) then software abandonment is lessened, caregivers create personal value added for being knowledgeable, and the people who need the assistive technology get the help they need. I know of no legislation that supports funding for technical training upkeep (a form of CEUs) for caregivers so we get improved services for all involved.



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