Transition and self-advocacy

When I graduated high school and attended my intake meeting with the university's Disability Resource Center, I knew very little about my rights and my need to start advocating for myself. Many students leaving high school and moving towards higher education do not have the knowledge and skills necessary to advocate. There is a lot of knowledge that goes into this. Students need to have a strong understanding of their disability and how it affects them as individuals, because each situation/person is unique. They also need to have knowledge about the Disability Rights Movement and the laws that support their rights as people with disabilities. Young people with disabilities (and everyone for that matter) should be proud of who they are. And their disability is a part of that.


High schools and colleges should work TOGETHER starting with h.s. freshman with disabilities who want to pursue higher education. Students not seeking higher education should not be left out either. Partnerships with trade schools would be beneficial for them. All students need to know how to make decisions for themselves, especially when related to their accommodation needs. This was lacking when I entered college and it is still lacking today.



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