Youth Transition to Adult Services Programs

There needs to be an honest and clear defined path for Youth with Disabilities moving from the School/Education entitlement systems to the Adult Services programs.

Disabled youth and their families do not have a good thorough understanding of how Transition works and the impact on their lives once they leave the Educational Entitlement systems and move into the Non-Entitlement Adult service programs.

There needs to be a re-evaluation of the existing Vocational Rehabilitation [VR] processes to insure that there are good/strong long-term employment outcomes from the VR programs, so as Youth Transition into the VR processes, there truly is a there will be good/positive employment outcomes in their future, to allow them to be self reliant [when possible] and know they truly have an opportunity of "Gainful Employment".

Suggest an honest/evaluation of the 90 Day VR Case closure process to include "Real life analysis" of Case Closure Outcomes 6 months, 1 year, 2 years- to truly understand if the existing VR process works and a more realistic review on ways to improve the VR employment programs to help both youth Transitioning as well as the Adult population in the VR programs.



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