Transition is a life project

As soon as a disability is identified, a transition plan should be initiated, which should involve parents and siblings. Only by taking immediate, effective action though guided interventions, can a delay be contained so as to minimize the impact such disability will have on school performance. If such plan is begun as close to birth as possible, parents will have greater understanding of their child's needs and will be better equipped to communicate and work with the school to maximize the child's learning. Additionally, parents will, by the time schooling comes around, have perfected (or largely improved) their active and essential role in their child's growth and development. Obstetricians and pediatricians should refer parents to the appropriate resources in the community that will prepare parents to handle the disabilities their children may have. The chances of a successful outcome for a child or youth are so much greater when the parent (family) has been actively involved in the child's life, and know that child intimately. This role never ends.



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