Teaching service intergration&how it effects family health&child

So as an Family Advocate I often ask family questions that are more than just about school, or Medicaid or FSSA(Food stamp, hoosierhealthwise Medicaid, TANF, Medicaid Disability and Medicaid waivers, etc.) or even SSI or SSDI, because as I am talking or listen: I am watching and seeing where the family is really hurting. I do find that IEP are not the most important when they have lost there food stamps and food banks are empty and so is the house and fridge which means they are not paying attention, who would when you have 5 very hunger people 3 which are under 5yrs of age. So, when I speak with schools I ask them 100 questions and a lot about who is the family, how are they doing, does the parent have a reading or learning or hearing or speaking disability that would effect the IEP meeting, often sadly I may have just met the family in a few days and they have know them sometimes for generations and they didn't know mom is lost hearing in rt ear and needs a hearing aid and cant read or write . This is so very scary for a family to tell you things but when things are good at home then they are good at school and they are good in health and these things are so connected that a phone call that would find a hearing aid for mom. or a case manger a FSSA to find they had her paperwork and they didn't do there end wth mom on the phone to help her makes life easier on home and school. An advocate once said if I am doing my job at home at night you at school will have a great day and if you at school are doing a great job then I will have a great night. We need each other and our health, the school and FSSA and or SSI are very much on a wheel that are spinning together. I needed to put under several fields but unsure if I did it right...



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