Preparing Students for Post-Secondary Education & Employment

In today’s society, there is an increase of interest for post-secondary education and successful employment after graduation for youth and young adults with disabilities. However, many of them don’t know how to prepare for post-secondary education and successful employment after graduation. There are programs that can assist with those individuals. One of those programs is Special Olympics Project UNIFY. Special Olympics Project UNIFY is an sports and education social inclusion initiative of Special Olympics that promotes the ideas of inclusion, respect and unity to youth with and without intellectual disabilities. Project UNIFY provides youth with opportunities to become leaders and agents of change in their school and communities . It gives young people with and without intellectual disabilities the confidence to accomplish great feats such as attending a post-secondary education institution and earning successful employment after graduation. It gives them friendships and role models for ambition to higher education and having a job. It provides the networking and connections that will serve them throughout life. And it creates understanding, respect and acceptance among their peers who will be the employers, community leaders and neighbors of the future. I have been a Special Olympics athlete for 16 years.



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