Parents and new transitional youth attend a "Transition Summit"

In Colorado, we have meetings twice yearly called Parents Encouraging Parents (PEP). It's free to parents (they can attend a meeting once every 3 yrs or so) and it's paid by our state's dept of education (possibly includes other funding sources too, maybe through our PTI).


This meeting can be repackaged / remarketed to meet the needs of parents of transitioning youth / adults and the students themselves as a "Transitioning Summit" (strongly encourage its attendance at the onset of required transition IEP topics start, at about age 13 or 14).


Probably the needs of this demographic group is different enough from those attending our PEP meetings that it wouldn't make too much sense to be held concurrently with those meetings (unless, they were different "threads" that one attended).


Transitioning youth / adults and parents would participate in similar yet different tracks too (though, they might combine the two groups to get both groups perspective on a particular transitioning topic).


Best of all it seems like it could be reasonably free of additional costs (to any of the parties) as it's just a "transitioning" remake to the existing "free" PEP meetings that parents already have that our dept of education (CDE) makes available to us! Though, maybe CDE already tweaks their PEP meetings, as I suggest. If not, I can make that suggestion!


Do other states' Departments of Education (or ??) make similar meetings free and available to their special needs (SNs) parents? If so, could these meetings also easily be refitted into "Transition Summit" meetings at the onset of SNs child's transitioning?





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