Modify SSA - Ticket to Work rules for youth in transition

Adjust regulations for youth served under Ticket to Work including the following:

-- The Individual Work Plan should be modified to reflect the slower progression of youth in transition. The IWP now requires that the primary goal be employment at or exceeding SGA. That is the long term goal for every beneficiary, but for youth in transition the first goal should be employment regardless of earnings level.

-- The definition of Ticket "in Use" should be modified to allow for a slower progression toward SGA and No Cash Benefit status. The first job for many of the youth in a TTW transition program will likely be lower than TWL, but will provide the necessary experience to lead to better employment with the long term goal being work at or above SGA.

And lastly,

-- Measures of success for ENs should be modified to reflect the unique problems of working with a youth population in transition. Because youth have little or no work experience, the process to get them to Trial Work Level (TWL) and then to SGA will typically take much longer than for adults who bring more life experience, maturity and probably more work experience to the situation.



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