Health and Human Services

Medicare and Medicaid for life

I think the best disincentive for working is the notion of needing to pay for their health services and yet make enough money to not be destitute. For those with physical disabilities and require 24/7 care, it is literally impossible to find a job without excellent health insurance that allows the person to work/support themselves financially. For those like me with expensive conditions (ASD, bad back/neck, allergies that only respond to expensive meds, etc.), the problem is the same. Going to work doesn't seem like a good option when earning 20k isn't nearly enough (I tried to live on 25k 8 years ago, without my ASD dx and before my back went bad and it was extremely difficult), but when you add on the medical expenses involved, the minimum salary is now 35k for myself, and at least 50k if not more for those with physical disabilities and require attendant care and assistive technologies. If the person's health insurance is continually provided by the government and covers all their needs, it would encourage employers to take them on, as they wouldn't add an extremely expensive person to their health insurance pool, and it would allow the person to make less money, expanding their job options.



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