Liaison for transition

When in school, students with disabilities are afforded a team to help develop a plan helping them to achieve their academic goals. A transition plan is part of an IEP, yet after leaving school parents and students are at the mercy of their state's benefit agencies to obtain services. While an individual case manager might not be appropriate to guide all students through the eligibility process, a liaison familiar with available services across all agencies would be useful. Similar to a clinical concierge who organizes patient visits for medical appointments for those seeing multiple specialists, a liaison could begin participating in IEP meetings to learn a student's goals and provide the student and their families information on applying for and obtaining support services before the student graduates. The difference between this position and a case manager is a liaison would provide the information based on student goals and explain the programs as well as give families contact information for each agency while the obligation to make the actual agency contact and complete the application remains with the student and their family. Such a liaison would have broader responsibility in knowing what programs are available and could help many more students.


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