Inspiration Through Work Experiences

Experience leads to inspiration, inspiration leads to motivation, and motivation leads to success. While the IEP provides a platform for students to express their long-term academic and career interests, the IEP alone cannot provide students with the exposure they need to fully understand the broad range of exciting opportunities available in the world. EVERY student should be excited about their future. Let's get the kids out there in the field. There is cool stuff to be experienced in STEM, Healthcare, Art, Agriculture, Business, Education, Marketing, etc. If districts are able to provide students with tangible and diverse work experiences through local partnerships, students will be able to broaden their perspective and perhaps find motivation through new experiences. Schools are best poised to identify the types of partnerships that might interest students but these types of partnerships are best fostered and maintained at a district level. Of course, this is only a broad overview of the idea, but it really is a simple concept that can be easily implemented in any district.



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