Improve clarity of Indicator 14 to specify employment status

Despite acknowledgement of employment as a priority outcome if our education system, Indicator 14 does not actually provide specific information on employment participation of graduates in typical community jobs. Employment participation is combined with higher education (Indicator 14B) and higher education and other employment statuses (Indicator 14C).


The indicator should disaggregate these and clearly focus on individual integrated (competitive) employment outcomes. The indicators might be:

A. Enrolled in higher education

B. Competitively employed

C. Enrolled in higher ed OR competitively employed (to address unduplicated participation in a career path)


Some effort would need to be given to a useful definition of competitive employment (an individual integrated job in the general labor market where the individual is paid directly by the community business…)


The Indicator should also specifically address level of employment (wages/hours). This would add a relatively trivial level of burden to the data collection, and should be required to be reported by district and by disability.


Data of this type measure progress, support development of strategy and identification of promising practice, and can inform the decisions of individuals and families as they choose a community.



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