Social Security


I still think there needs to be more flexibility in transitioning from benefits to work and back again if necessary. Especially for more severely physically disabled folk, one's ability to accomplish tasks can be fluid. One can be able to work for years at something until their disability changes and that task becomes more difficult or impossible. It would be great if benefits counselors or advocates had more ability to reevaluate over the course of a person's life. Working people with disabilities may need to be reevaluated for adaptive equipment or occupational therapy to accommodate the changing disability. It should be easier to move from work back to benefits temporarily or permanently if necessary. I know too many people with disabilities who could work but don't even try for fear that once fully employed if their disability changes they won't be able to access necessary services again. Benefits counselors still have little understanding of how benefits work when transitioning to employment.


There are also very few opportunities for severely disabled folk to get entry-level first time jobs. We can't just work at McDonald's or babysit to learn all the little things one learns in those jobs as they go on to other work. We don't have many opportunities to fail without it being a disaster.



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