Family Transition Training

Parents and families are in dire need of transition training. Schools aren't providing families or students with needed information, and there's a great deal of misinformation or out-of-date information circulating on the internet. Sadly, many families don't understand the ramifications of a decision until after their student has left school. It's too easy to take a wrong turn, when you haven't been given a roadmap.


Transition Training Part 1 could be presented to families when a student is in 6th or 7th grade so they can learn the basics about transition and be introduced to the changing expectations they'll encounter going from middle school to high school. In Part 2, offered during a student's freshman year in high school, families could learn all-things-transition leading up to graduation (curriculum requirements, diploma options, work-study opportunities, etc.) as well as what types of services and supports will be available post graduation, how to work with agencies who will be expected to coordinate and deliver those services, and benefits and funding mechanisms.


The training could be developed by UCEDs that have expertise in transition and should be provided in multiple languages and formats--in print, online, and via apps as well as through face-to-face training. State Parent Training and Information Centers could promote and deliver the trainings and help parents with accessing the information while also informing them about the availability of advocates in their state to help when needed.



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