Social Security

Create incentives for SSI recipients

Create incentives with the expectation of at least partial work for all SSI recipients. I work in the K-12 system and often hear from teens that they aren’t interested in a job since they plan to get SSI and don’t need a job. If individuals had to demonstrate some efforts toward, at least partial employment, it would go a long way toward working with these students and helping them become self-sufficient.


Also, I know this is not just about youth, but I see way too many adults that can do a number of things despite some sort of disability that qualifies them for SSI. Of the activities I’ve seen these individuals do is grow gardens, camping, fishing, hiking, travel etc. They should be responsible to work toward at least partial employment.


I've spent my career working with individuals with disabilties, I like them and enjoy my work with them, which is why I expect them to do what they can do.



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