College Level Services

Yes, many of our kids DO go to college and are successful in that environment. But it's not because they've been provided any services. Most universities and post-secondary education is SERIOUSLY lacking in the services departments. Any post-secondary institution that accepts government money of any kind needs to have available services for all, not just hard copies of notes and extended test time for those with learning disabilities, or ADA-required for those with physical disabilities. There is a HUGE percentage of college students with autism, more coming in yearly, and almost none of the universities have appropriate services, if they have any at all. Because of privacy laws, there is no way for the students to find each other and support each other. Students that don't know how to make friends or maneuver in social situations are expected to self-advocate without training, or to room with people that bully them (housing options are pathetic)... And many of these are universities that are teaching people to be special education teachers?! What kind of programs must they have??!!



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