Change the procedure for application of SSDI

I am Ada Juan Sheng, a woman with disability. I always want to work and I hope that my work is akin the work of person without disability .

Unfortunately, at 04/11 / 2008, my employer terminated me. After that, I applied a ton jobs, but never got any company to hire me. When I deep illness, I had to apply the benefits of SSA on 2010. I DID NOT GET THE RESULT. I discover some error in the procedure of application of SSDI.

My Idea “Change the procedure for application of SSDI” Because of under reason.

The case started appeal at Feb. 2011. Until now, I still wait for the decision of the benefits in SSI or SSDI. I had hearing on May 23, 2013, which was rescheduled to 8/2013. I do not know really the reason. but I know that the rescheduling is a problem to me. If I could not get the decision of ALJ. I lose my basic life and I will not get any job too. Because of the policy considers that I do not disability and do not qualify to use the disability’s “Tickets to work program”; Meantime, I apply job without disability, the company never believe me because my recode of workforce's computer system was on disability. I continue on face to poor, illness with my life. Who can help me?

I should request, “Change the procedure for application of SSDI “.


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