Change the high school graduation requirements

Special needs students need community based instruction while in high school. They need jobs and job training, recreation and leisure experiences, home living experiences, community participation and post secondary training/learning. They cannot learn this while sitting in a classroom. When I taught for 32 years I used the Enderle-Severson Transition Rating Scale for all of my students as a guide to make sure they were getting help in these areas. For 15 years I had the flexibility in their high school requirements that allowed me to create a curriculum that had them going into the community to work at 15 local businesses for an hour and a half a day, unpaid, but getting job training. They also did job shadows in that time. They learned mobility training. Our field trips were all centered on going to businesses that they could work at once they graduated from high school. Many students were hired each year because the employer saw the skills they had. Once the new high school graduation requirements came into existence this program had to end because it was not considered an elective nor given any high school credit even though it was more meaningful to the student than another English class or math class or language class requirement.



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