Back to basics

As an Employment Specialist and supervisor of a placement department, I am amazed at the number of individuals coming out of high school (and older individuals) who do not have a grasp of the basics needed in order to begin the job search process.


It is never too early to have classes in basic job readiness training: 1) Documentation needed (and how to obtain) for job seekers - photo ID, Social Security Number (having card in hand); 2) personal hygiene basics; 3) phone etiquette - how to answer phones and what to have as a message; 4) the importance of having some type of work experience to put on a resume - volunteer hours at church, humane society, etc.; 5) the importance of choosing and verifiying the use of good reliable references that are not related to them; 6) the importance of having complete information - not sketchy quesses.


Too often we get referrals of individuals who are said to be job ready and then weeks, sometimes months, are spent trying to get them prepared for the job search.


In my area I would be pleased to be able to go in to a classroom and go over the basics to those with and without disabilities. We are not preparing young adults for the real world of work.



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