Accessible Technology is a prothesis not a crutch

Accessible Technology that allows the disabled to perform “tasks that their disability limits” should supersede policy that limits it’s use or considers it’s use invalid. We should treat technology as a prothesis not a crutch, in that we would expect the individual to use it to perform to their potential. With training, many could fully function in school and society, benefiting us all.


SWD should be held to the same high expectations as all students. We should find innovative ways to allow them to tap their high abilities and perform at the same level as their peers when ever possible. Technology use should be considered valid in all measures when needed.


Inclusion for inclusions sake is not enough. Meaningful inclusion is inclusion on an equal basis in all that education offers all students. This is reachable in todays tech world.


SWD must be given every chance to show their potential and live to it. Today this is achievable, not to aggressively take advantage of Tech progress is a waste.



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