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2-1-1 should be the nat'l disability information clearinghouse

Are you familiar with our local communities' 2-1-1 information and referral services, that are already in place in most places in the US? Perhaps they're one of the best ways to know what's available in your community for those provisions that local NPOs generally carry for their communities. But, in addition, through marketing / branding, its awareness spans beyond local into state and national awareness, too.


Personally, if 2-1-1 doesn't already carry the communities' disability agency information and referral knowledge, I'd expand their ability to do so (their DBs' taxonomy, I'm sure, is able carry this disability knowledge - it's huge). This, rather creating / marketing yet another nationally know clearinghouse, let's market the one we have already. BTW, local 2-1-1 policies may also need to be expanded to allow agency info in their DBs that's not just NPO based (for government and private agencies to be included).


Something about 2-1-1 funding. It struggles to get needed national and / or federal funding. So each local 2-1-1 often, like its local NPOs, scrapes by using more focused or demographic specific funding sources (which may refocus the 2-1-1 I&R mission to the benefit of those more focused funders). Given this problematic funding, more often then not, around here, senior concerns and services are our main 2-1-1's focus.


I also mentioned above that 2-1-1 has an already full DB taxonomy which has disability records already designed into it (thus 2-1-1's intent is to allow access to a community's disability information). Here's 10 records as a start using the key "disability" (there are 59 other disability records accessible via this key, too):


Aging and Disability Resource Centers; LH-0350

Child Health and Disability Prevention Exams; LF-7000.1600

Comprehensive Disability Related Employment Programs; ND-6500.1500

Disability Access Information (use Accessibility Information); TJ-0500

Disability Adapted Clothing (use Adapted Clothing); BM-6500.1500-050

Disability Associations; TN-1700

Disability Awareness Programs; PH-6200.1850

Disability Benefit Recipients; YC-1700

Disability Benefits; NS-1800

Disability Benefits for Veterans (use Veteran Compensation and Pension Benefits); NS-1800.9000


Lastly, 2-1-1 is not just available in the US, it also has pretty good footing in Canada, too. All this suggests, to me, at least, that we should not be wasting monies reinventing the wheel. Better marketing and broader funding sources for 2-1-1, yes; starting up competing national disability information clearinghouses, no way!!



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